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2013-2014 Washington County Annual Report for MS4 now available for Public Comment

The Annual Report for Washington County, Tennessee's MS4 permit is now available for public comment.  A copy of it may be found HERE or under the documents section of the website.  A public hearing will be held on this document on September 9, 2014 after the Washington County Regional Planning Commission meets at 6:00 PM.  The public is invited to attend both the Washington County Regional Planning Commission and the public hearing to follow to make comments on the Annual Report.  Should you be unable to attend the meeting, you may submit public comments in writing to the following address:

Washington County, Tennessee Zoning Office
MS4 Annual Report Public Comments
P.O. Box 417
Jonesborough, TN  37659

or by emailing them to

All Public comments must be received no later than noon onSeptember 10, 2014.