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Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA) is in independent board composed of five (5) members authorized to hear appeals in matters relating to all zoning ordinances and to review zoning ordinance interpretations made by the Zoning Administrator’s Office. In addition there are two (2) alternate members that may be called upon should a regular member become ill or have a conflict of interest on an item.  The Board acts somewhat like a court, it is called a quasi-judicial body and is required to follow accepted procedures and to fairly evaluate the relevant facts in each case that comes before it. The county legislative body is the appointing power of the members of such board.

Wayne Rupert
3327 Old S. R. 34
Limestone, TN  37681

Term Expiration:  November 30, 2017

Captain Bryan Horton
146 Earl Light Cir.
Jonesborough, TN  37659

Term Expiration:  November 30, 2018

Dr. Rebecca Keeler, Chairwoman
1140 Hidden Valley Dr.
Jonesborough, TN  37659

Term Expiration:  November 30, 2016 

Ted Lynch
420 Hairetown Rd.
Jonesbroough, TN  37659

Term Expiration:  November 30, 2018 

Commissioner Skip Oldham, Vice-Chairman
1604 Par Court
Johnson City, TN  37601
(423) 534-1111
Term Expiration:  November 30, 2018 


Alternate Member 1
Cleates Murray
3660 W. Market St.
Johnson City, TN  37604

Term Expiration:  August 31, 2016


Alternate Member 2
Michael Hartman
908 Russell Cir.
Jonesborough, TN  37659

Term Expiration:  August 31, 2015