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Full Time Office Staff:


Christopher A. Pape
Chief Deputy

Christopher A. Pape. GISP, is the department's Chief Deputy and GIS specialist, though like
all the staff members, he performs a variety of other duties besides assisting in the
overseeing of day to day operations.

Pape, a Sullivan Central High School graduate and was also educated at East Tennessee
State University and also studied GIS and other mapping skills at Roane State Community
College, maintains a digital zoning database for the county. He performs mapping calculations
and creates maps using specialized GIS software.

Pape creates map exhibits on demand for court cases involving condemnation suits, general
welfare litigation or other court-related needs that may arise.

Pape also maintains the office's computer network. He handles much of the planning and agenda
preparation for public meetings related to land use development. These include meetings of the
Washington County Regional Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals as well as the
Jonesborough and Johnson City regional planning commissions.

Pape has worked for the Zoning Administration office since 2007 and can be reached at
(423) 753-0718 or

Bobby France
General Welfare Officer

Bobby France is the Zoning Office's General Welfare and Safety Officer for Property and
Dwellings. France, who has been with the department since 2000, focuses primarily on
stormwater management and zoning compliance.

France conducts detailed inspections on properties and buildings where violations of local, state
or federal regulations might be occurring. He has extensive experience in these issues and stays
current with the latest regulations.

A graduate of David Crockett High School, France is a state Erosion Prevention and Sediment
Control Level 1 Certified Stormwater Inspector.

France can be reached directly at (423) 753-1595 or


Lita Sisti
Administrative Assistant

To reach Lita Sisti directly, call (423) 753-1753 or

Alexander Crumley
Special Projects Coordinator

Alexander Crumley.

To reach Alex Crumley directly, call (423) 753-3216 or

Preston "Scott" Chapman
Chief Building Official

Scott Chapman is the Building Inspector for Washington County, Tennessee.

A graduate of David Crockett High School and a state of Tennessee Licensed Building Contractor, Scott has over 25 years of experience in the Building Industry.  He is certified by the International Code Council and the state of Tennessee as a Certified Codes Inspector.

In September 2012 Washington County, Tennessee adopted and began enforcing the 2006 International Residential Code; Scott performs the inspections for all of the new construction being built in the rural parts of Washington County to assure code compliance.

The purpose of this code is to provide minimum requirements to safeguard the public safety, health and general welfare.

To reach Scott Chapman directly, call (423) 753-2062 or

Consultant Staff:

Jason Snapp
Consultant Engineer
Mattern & Craig Engineering


Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark is a planner for Washington County, Tennessee

To reach Jordan Clark directly, call (423) 753-1852 or